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A. A. Willitts
A. E. Wiggan
Alan Watts
Albert M. Wells
Alec Waugh
Alexander Whyte
Alexander Woollcott
Alfred N. Whitehead
Alfred North Whitehead
Alice Walker
Alice Williams
Amelia C. Welby
Andy Warhol
Angela L. Wozniak
Angus Wilson
Ann Wigmore
Anonymous Chinese woman
Artemus Ward
Arthur K. Watson
Arthur Wellesley
Barbara W. Winder
Barbara Walters
Barbara Ward
Barbara Webster
Barrett Wendell
Basil S. Walsh
Beatrice Potter Webb
Ben Ames Williams
Benjamin Whichcote
Bern Williams
Bernie Wiebe
Betty White
Bill W.
Billy Wilder
Bishop Westcott
Booker T. Washington
Brooke Foss Westcott
Byron Webber
C. V. Wedgwood
Carolyn Wells
Cathy Warner Weatherford
Cecil B. Williams
Chaim Weizmann
Chao-Ming Wu
Charles Dudley Warner
Charles E. Weller
Charles Warner
Charles Wesley
Charles William
Charles Williams
Charles, Prince of Wales
Charleszetta Waddles
Charley Willey
Charlotte Whitton
Claire Weeks
CM. Ward
Colin Wilson
Colleen Wilcox
Constance Fenimore Woolson
Dakin Williams
Dame Rebecca West
Daniel Webster
David Wood
Denis Waitley
Dennis Wholey
Dennis Wolfberg
Diana, Princess of Wales
Dottie Walters
Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Duke of Wellington
E. B. White
E. N. West
E. Wigglesworth
Earl Warren
Earl Wilson
Edgar Wallace
Edith Wharton
Edmund Waller
Edmund Wilson
Edna Gardner Whyte
Eduard Weston
Edward N. Westcott
Edward Noyes Westcott
Edward Weeks
Edward, Duke of Windsor
Elie Wiesel
Elinor Wylie
Elizabeth Ward
Ella Wheeler Wilc
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Elsie de Wolfe
Emma Willard
Erastus Wiman
Esther de Waal
Ethel Wilson
Eudora Welty
Eugene F. Ware
Evelyn Waugh
Faith Whittlesey
Fay Weldon
Faye Wattleton
Field Marshall Lord Wavell
Flip Wilson
Flora Whittemore
Florence H. Winterburn
Frances Ward Weller
Frank Curtis Williams
Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Wilson
Fred S. Worthy
Frederick B. Wilcox
Frederick B. Wilson
Friedrich Wasiman
G. E. Woodberry
G. Weatherly
Garry Wills
General William Westmoreland
Geoffrey B. Wilson
George E. Woodberry
George Edward Woodberry
George F. Will
George Washington
George Weinberg
George Whitefield
George Will
George Woodcock
Geri Weitzman
Gordon Wallport
Gordon Wright
Grace Williams
Graham Wilson
H. G. Wells
H. U. Westermayer
Harold B. Walker
Harold Wilson
Harriet Woods
Harry Weinberger
Heathcote Williams
Heather Williams
Henry A. Wallace
Henry B. Whipple
Henry B. Wilson
Henry Wotton
Horace Walpole
Hugh Walpole
Hugh White
Isaac Watts
Izaak Walton
J. J. Wall
Jack Woodford
James A. Worsham
James J. Walker
James Mason Wood
James McNeill Whistler
James Woods
Jan Wong
Jane Wagner
Jeanette Winterson
Jerome Weidman
Jessamyn West
Joan Welsh
Joanne Woodward
Joe Wallace
John Aikman Wallace
John Greenleaf Whittier
John M. Wilson
John Wainwright
John Wayne
John Webster
John Weissmuller
John Weitz
John Wesley
John White
John Wicker
John Wilmot
John Witherspoon
John Wolfenden
John Wooden
Jonathan Winters
Joseph Marshall Wade
Joseph Whitney
Julia Louise Woodruff
Julia Woodruff
Katharine Whitehorn
Kathleen Winsor
Kenneth Winters
Lancelot Law Whyte
Larry Wilde
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Lech Walesa
Leonard Woolf
Lillian Eichler Watson
Lily Walters
Lois Wyse
Lorene Workman
Lotus Weinstock
Lou Ann Walker
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Macrina Wiederkehr
Madame C. J. Walker
Mae West
Marcia Wieder
Margaret J. Wheatley
Margaret Widdemer
Margery Williams
Marguerite Wilkinson
Marianne Williamson
Marina von Neumann Whitman
Marion Woodman
Mark Jerome Walters
Martha Washington
Mary Augusta Ward
Mary Heaton Worse
Mary Waldrip
Mary Webb
Mary Wollstonecraft
Maryanne Walters
Max Wall
Max Weinreich
Meredith West
Michelene Wandor
Mike Wallace
Morris West
Mort Walker
Moshe Waldoks
Nancy Woodhull
Naomi Wolf
Nathanael West
Nathaniel Parker Willis
Neale Donald Walsch
Nicol Williamson
Nixon Waterman
Noah Webster
Norbert Weiner
Norbert Wiener
Oliver C. Wilson
Oprah Winfrey
Orson Welles
Oscar Wilde
Owen Wister
P. G. Wodehouse
Patrick White
Paul Dudley White
Paul Whiteman
Paul William
Paul Wunderlich
Peter von Winter
Phil Woosnam
Philip Wylie
Philipa Walker
Phyllis Whitney
R. T. Wombat
Rabbi David Wolpe
Ralph L. Woods
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Raquel Welch
Rebecca West
Reverend Oliver G. Wilson
Reverend R. Walters
Richard Wagner
Richard Watkyns
Richard Whately
Richard Wright
Rick Warren
Robert Penn Warren
Robert Whittington
Robert Winder
Robin Williams
Ronald Wright
Ruth Wolff
Samuel Warren
Samuel Woodworth
Sandy Wilson
Sarah Winnemucca
Shelley Winters
Sigourney Weaver
Simone Weil
Sir Archibald Wavell
Sir Henry Wotton
Sir John Walton
Sir Robert Walpole
Stephen S. Wise
Steve Wheeler
Steven Wright
Stevie Wonder
Stewart E. White
Stuart Walker
Susan M. Watkins
Susan Warner
Sylvia Townsend Warner
Tbyra Samter Winslow
Ted Williams
Tennessee Williams
Terry Tempest Williams
Theodore H. White
Theodore White
Thomas F. Woodlock
Thomas J. Watson
Thomas Walker
Thomas Ward
Thomas Watson
Thomas Wolfe
Thornton Wilder
Tobias Wolff
Tom Walsh
Tom Wilson
Vanessa Williams
Victoria Claffin Woodhull
Victoria Wolff
Virginia Wade
Virginia Woolf
W. Beran Wolfe
W. W. Walford
Walt Whitman
Walter Winchell
Wendell L. Willkie
Wendy Wasserstein
William A. Ward
William Allen White
William Arthur Ward
William Carlos Williams
William E. Woodward
William H. Walton
William Hale White
William Ross Wallace
William T. Wylie
William Warburton
William Watson
William Whitelaw
William Wilberforce
William Windham
William Winter
William Wordsworth
William Wrigley
William Wycherley
Woodrow Wilson
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