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Money Quotes and Quotations

Be the business never so painful, you may have it done for money.
But then one is always excited by descriptions of money changing hands. It's much more fundamental than sex.
God makes, and apparel shapes: but it's money that finishes the man.
If a man has money, it is usually a sign too, that he knows how to take care of it; don't imagine his money is easy to get simply because he has plenty of it.
Interest works night and day in fair weather and in foul. It gnaws at a man's substance with invisible teeth.
Inflation is determined by money supply growth.
Laws go where dollars please.
Money can't buy friends, but you can get a better class of enemy.
Money is not an aphrodisiac: the desire it may kindle in a female eye is more for the cash than the carrier.
Money is the fruit of evil as often as the root of it.
Money, like a queen, gives rank and beauty .
Riches are for spending.
Some people's money is merited and other people's is inherited.
There is only one thing for a man to do who is married to a woman who enjoys spending money, and that is to enjoy earning it.
To be clever enough to get all that money, one must be stupid enough to want it.
Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?
Money is the poor people's credit card.
A man is rich in proportion to the things he can afford to let alone.
Money is like a sixth sense, and you can't make use of the other five without it.
Money swore an oath that nobody who did not love it should ever have it.
I'm so happy to be rich, I'm willing to take all the consequences.
I haven't heard of anybody who wants to stop living on account of the cost.
It isn't enough for you to love money - it's also necessary that money should love you.
Philanthropist: a rich (and usually bald) old gentleman who has trained himself to grin while his conscience is picking his pocket.
The darkest hour of any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it.
The petty economies of the rich are just as amazing as the silly extravagances of the poor.
Money is human happiness in the abstract.
Money is the most egalitarian force in society. It confers power on whoever holds it.
Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which you put your money in your pants pocket and give your coat to your creditors.
There are plenty of good five-cent cigars in the country. The trouble is they cost a quarter. What the country really needs is a good five-cent nickle.
I don't like money actually, but it quiets my nerves.
Money isn't everything - but it's a long way ahead of what comes next.
In the bad old days, there were three easy ways of losing money - racing being the quickest, women the pleasantest and farming the most certain.
We forget that money gives its value - that someone exchanged work for it.
Money is something you got to make in case you don't die.
If you would know what the Lord God thinks of money, you have only to look at those to whom he gives it.
Making money is fun, but it's pointless if you don't use the power it brings.
Make money and the whole world will conspire to call you a gentleman.
I never been in no situation where havin' money made it any worse.
Money is the wise man's religion.
Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex; you thought of nothing else if you didn't have it and thought of other things if you did.
A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
Neither a borrower nor a lender be for loan oft loses both itself and friend, and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.
Never invest your money in anything that eats or needs repairing.
Money is always there but the pockets change; it is not in the same pockets after a change, and that is all there is to say about money.
Men are more often bribed by their loyalties and ambitions than by money.
Money dignifies what is frivolous if unpaid for.
How do you make a million? You start with $900,000.
When you have told anyone you have left him a legacy, the only decent thing to do is to die at once.
He that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.
Money is good for bribing yourself through the inconveniences of life.
There's nothing an economist should fear so much as applause.
You can't force anyone to love you or to lend you money.
With money in your pocket, you are wise, and you are handsome, and you sing well too.
If the rich could hire other people to die for them, the poor would make a wonderful living.
The farmer's way of saving money: to be owed by someone he trusted.
Gentlemen prefer bonds.
When you want really big money, you usually find yourself talking to people who didn't go to Eton.
A good mind possesses a kingdom: a great fortune is a great slavery.
When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.
Money is like muck - not good unless it be spread.
They make money the old-fashioned way. They inherit it.
If you like easygoing, monogamous men, stay away from billionaires.
How to double your money: Fold it over once and put it back in your pocket.
When asked what he would do if he found a million dollars: "I would try to find the person that lost it, and if he was poor - I'd give it back."
Money doesn't always bring happiness. People with $10 million are no happier than people with $9 million.
Right now I have enough money to last me the rest of my life - unless I buy something.
The rich aren't like us, they pay less taxes.
A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.
He says he's not broke, but he is trying to sell his kidney and corneas.
There's another advantage in being poor. The doctor will cure you faster.
We were awfully poor. But we had a lot of things that money can't buy . . . like unpaid bills.
"Mommy, we're not going to be poor again, are we?" "Not as long as you have that rare blood type."
It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, as long as you've got money.
When I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in life. Now that I'm old - I know it is.
I'd like to live like a poor man - only with lots of money.
All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income.
To make money, buy some good stock, hold it until it goes up, and then sell it. If it doesn't go up, don't buy it.
What some people mistake for the high cost of living is really the cost of living high.
The wretchedness of being rich is that you live with rich people.
Definition of the upper crust: A bunch of crumbs held together by dough.
Money can't buy happiness, but it will certainly get you a better class of memories.
The man who invented slow-motion movies got his idea while watching a Scotsman reach for a check in a restaurant.
When asked to borrow money: "I'll see what my lawyer says. . . . And if he says yes, I'll get another lawyer."
Money won't buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a large research staff to study the problem.
By the time a man is rich enough to sleep late, he's too old to enjoy it.
Money can't buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery.
Another good thing about being poor is that when you are seventy your children will not have you declared legally insane in order to gain control of your estate.
Money makes the man.
A fool and his money are soon parted.
Penny wise, pound foolish.
Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some.
Never ask of money spent Where the spender thinks it went. Nobody was ever meant To remember or invent What he did with every cent.
The almighty dollar, that great object of universal devotion throughout our land, seems to have no genuine devotees in these peculiar villages.
Jesus went into the temple... overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves.
When I had money everyone called me brother.
Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves.
Ah, take the Cash, and let the Credit go, Nor heed the rumble of a distant Drum!
When money speaks the truth is silent.
Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul.
Not greedy of filthy lucre.
The love of money is the root of all evil.

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